Our speciality :  TIMBER

Created in 2001, the CAP Exo Company has a strong experience in tropical timber .

Import, Export, International trading, our company is distributing sawn timber and manufactured wood products over many countries in the world.

Our partnerships with forest companies, sawmill industries, in Africa, South America and Europe provides to our customers guaranties and confidence in order to purchase reliable and competitive  sources .

Our services :

A permanent markets information, a technical expertise regarding sources, quality , origins, contract conformity  etc.

We assist sawmills, inspect parcels, optimize yield and sawmill capacity with complementary specifications.

We also offer kiln dry services , planning , moulding , direct from origins or through European industry .

Our customers can rely on us for a large logistic network ; According there needs , we offer all incoterms requested , and link our business to all shipping and transport services .


Our company joins in the eco –responsible approach, supported by LCB and its environmental charter.

We build with our partners every stage of the traceability of forest products, from the source to the import.


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