CAP Exo purpose is to assure to his customers the traceability of all products, according to the EUTR ( European Union Timber Regulation ).

We look for reliable sources of supply, from the point of view of the legality of the forestry and social practices. We are convinced that only a rational exploitation of forests, and their local value, helps preserve forest ecosystems, reliability of supply, and to ensure the sustainability of the timber market.



Specialists of tropical timber markets, we have established of Due Diligence Process on the model of the Environmental Charter standards ( Le Commerce du Bois ), ensuring our customers the transparency of the supply chain.

We aim to provide our customers importing wood traceability of all our products according to the criteria of the EUTR. (EUTR EN) CAP Exo undertakes to respect the law in force in each producing country.

We aim to promote reasoned forest operations and its local valuation, that leeds to ecosystem carefulness, to reliability of supplies, and to assure sustainability of the timber market.


Charte environnementale de l’Achat et de la vente du bois (pdf)




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