CAP Exo is a company internationally oriented, reactive and specializes in woodworking.

It was created in 2001 by Martin Goulut, graduated from the Ecole Supérieure du Bois Paris, Forest School Annecy, strong experience of over twenty years, the forest industry, through trade international.



Customers on more 20 destinations trust CAP Exo sourcing.


CAP Exo market 2014

CAP Exo exchanges 2014.

We diversify markets to promote a rational forestry management.



Theirs technical qualities , their uses, their esthetics:


Acajou-Khaya, Afromorsia, Aniegre, Ayous, Azobe, Beli, Bibolo-Dibetou, Bilinga-Badi, Bosse, Dabema, Doussié, Iroko, Kossipo, Moabi, Movingui, Niangon, Niové, Ovengkol, Okan, Okoumé, Pachyloba, Padouk, Pao Rosa, Tali, Sapelli, Sipo, Wengé .

South America:

Angelim V and P. , Cumaru, Garapa, Ipe, Jarana, Jatoba, Maçaranduba , Muiracatiara,  Tatajuba.


European Ash, European Beech,  European Oak, Sweet Chesnut.



More than a dozen trades involved in the chain of skills ranging from forest to finished product distribution.

CAP Exo is  involved upstream of the economic sector, side by the manufacturers of first transformation, as well as down to the stage of international  marketing , and import in Europe. In Brazil , Cameroon , and Gabon notably , targeted partnerships are in place for more than sixteeen years. Our mission : to bring effective solutions in terms of output – efficiency , combination of specifications for various and complementary markets, improve responsiveness, hemp finance.

Within his group, CAP Exo has contributed since 2014 to the creation of Gabonese society Wood Tech GSEZ .: sawing, drying, planing and joinery.

In Europe, partners specialized in drying , wood processing , are in close collaboration with CAP Exo:  terrace,  Manufacture of decking , structural wood ( CE approuved ), flooring , molded shingles etc.


Wood Tech GSEZ Production

Wood Tech GSEZ Production

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