You get one bundle of wide boards out of the same log. It requires good equipment in the sawmill . It is highly appreciated for its good results in drying and various purposes.


Fix Dimension & Specific Industrail Cuts.

Operation consists in cutting dried timber, sort and trim, according industrial specifications . Squares are ready for moulding, stocks can be guarantied . Major processed species are Sipo, Bossé, Moabi,  Movingui for Tropical hardwoods.
North American and European hardwoods are processed at origin.

Avivés grandes largeurs (640 x 480)

Random – Wide Boards Specifications.

We select the logs, assist for sawing, and try to give to our customer the best product he can expect in terms of ratios, percentage of width – length, according to the final uses .

débits spéciaux (640 x 480)

Special Cuts – Quarter Sawned – Blocks.

According to the origins and local legislations, large dimensions of sawn timber, like very wide boards, are appreciated for specific uses or essences as for example  Zingana,  Pao Rosa, Kewazingo, Pachyloba , Azobé, Tali , Okan … They use to be split or sliced to destination.

photo 1blocks Okan (640 x 480) IMG-blocks Pao Rosa (480 x 640)

Poles and Squares.

For a FAS or PRIME Quality, these dimensions are requested for flooring industry ( quarter re-sawed after ), for construction, industrial joinery and also retail .

poutres et carrelets (640 x 480) poutres et carrelets2 (480 x 640)

Special Hydraulics – Beams.

 Azobé, Okan, Bilinga, Angelim Vermelho for example, are highly recommended for hydraulic or temporary strong mechanic and environmental exposures . We can offer screw assembly – jointed pieces, tung and groove planed pieces.

placages tranchés (640 x 480) Les placages tranchés  (640 x 512)

Sliced Veneers.

DSC_0274 (360 x 640)

Planed – Surfaced – Profiled Timber – Decking – Flooring – Structure & Understructure For Decking – Tiles.

Decking, plattelage  are an import part of the activity of the CAP Exo international trade. Some tropical timber species have great natural durability characteristics,  finish quality, and unmatched aesthetics . One of the best knowned is ipe, but we also recommend other species like Itauba, Massaranduba , Muiracatiara, Cumaru, Padouk ….

Rabotés (640 x 480) Rabotés- Lames à volet 6 (640 x 480)

Rabotés-Nantes- (640 x 853)


We select the logs in Congo, RDC , Cameroon . Most of the productions are shipped to Asia.

Grumes (640 x 480)




Kiln Drying.


Planing – Mouldings.

CAP Exo offers a range of many profiles . From small volumes to mass productions, we can study for our customers out of a wide range of species, multiple dimensions . See below an example of Decking main profiles .   

profils SNUB


Special Sizes – Targeted Specifications.

For industrial specific needs , or an ad hoc basis, we are undertaking the study and offering various opportunities according to supplies availability and requested delays.

DSC_0027 (640 x 360)




Whatever the Incoterms specified in the contract, F.O..B , C.I.F. , F.O.T. , S.C.D…, we undertake the transit formalities with the shipper. Loading instructions – truck or shipment schedules forwarded – … In break bulk or containers , we are taking care of the transport and administratives documents.




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